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Staples 101

Copier Staples 101

Learn how to select the appropriate staple for your copier or printer.

Need help selecting the correct staple for your copier, printer, or multi-function (MFC) machine?

So you need copier staples now what? There are two ways to buy staples for your copier and/ or printer.

Buying Option 1:

Enter the manufacturer/brand of your copier, printer or MFC, then enter the model number, AND lastly enter the model of your stapler, also known as a “finisher”.

Buying Option 2:

Enter just the part number for the staples your copier or printer uses (usually this number can be found in your user manual, on a box of old staples for that machine etc.)


Some copier machines have staplers and others do not. Staplers in copiers and printers are often an additional option, given to the purchaser when buying their copying/printing equipment. Just like a new car has seat cover options of leather, or cloth; copier machines have the option of coming with or without a stapling unit.

Officially, a copier or printer stapling unit is called a finisher. Finishers are more often than not a separate narrow unit that is attached to the left or right side of a copier or printer. Often it resembles a narrow, tall rectangular metal box just a bit shorter than the copier and is sometimes mounted on wheels or casters. If you don’t see anything like I just described it is possible, although rare, for the staple unit / finisher to be located inside the copier or printer. But don’t worry no matter where the staple unit, finisher, is located finding the model number for the finisher is easy.


Following the steps we provide will help you identify the finisher model that is attached to you copier/printer. If you don’t know the model number for the finisher that is attached to your copier or printer no worries, the copier Gods wrote this number right onto your finisher. Genius, I say!

So let’s find that number. Model No.’s of finishers are either located at the back left or right corner of the stapler/ finisher unit. Not there? Ok let’s check inside the door of the finisher unit. Voila, by now you should have located your finisher model number. Now make sure you write it down in a safe place for future use. Click here to search now .